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Family Friendly Pizza Restaurant overlooking the hills and valleys of Adaniya.
Our normal life is coming back little by little.
Kozy’s Pizza wish you all the best and will strive to continue to support the community.
Looking forward to serving you in 2022.
Tokyo In 1986, a boy visited a random pizza place. It was the most delicious pizza he had ever had. It had such a profound impression on him that the boy began to work there. The boy learned the art of the pizza in four pizza stores over the next 10 years. … 30 years later that same boy opened a delicious pizza restaurant in Okinawa. That restaurant where you can taste the legendary pizza is called Kozy’s Pizza!
No additives are used. The dough is made fresh every day. The sauce takes over 3 hours to make and not one single drop of water is used! A blend of 4 different 100% natural cheeses are used. Out of concern and respect for my customers, only the best ingredients for the dough, sauce, cheese and toppings are used!

★Pizza is a nutritious food★

Do you think “Pizza is a high-calorie food and makes me fat”?
Main ingredients of pizza are flour, tomato and cheese.
Flour is carb and quality vegetable protein, giving the energy as a staple food.
Tomato is full of vitamins. Cheese consists of quality animal protein and calcium that is well absorbed in the body.
Pizza is a well-balanced, perfectly nutritious food by itself.
A sufficient amount of lycopene is found in a tomato, and it has gained the popularity because of its function to fight against ROC (Reactive oxygen species) which is known as the main cause of cancer, aging and lifestyle disease.
In addition, its antioxidative effect is double of β-carotene.
The study by Harvard School of Public Health reported that the food prepared by using tomato sauce is effective for cancer prevention as lycopene is well absorbed in the body system.
Furthermore, calcium is only nutrient which average Japanese person is not taking enough amount among all other nutrients.
Health Center encourages taking 600mg of calcium per day, which can be easily done by eating a slice of pizza.
At last, the research done by National Defense Medical College shows that “lactoferrin” contained in cheese work to suppress the proliferation of cancer cells, making cheese even more popular as a healthy food.
Now, you have a totally different view on pizza, don’t you? Pizza is a well-balanced nutritious food!!
But do not eat too much, that’s not healthy!

Watch The Sun Set with a Slice!

Come and enjoy our delicious handmade pizzas and desserts in the Kitanakagusuku hills and watch the sun set on the East China Sea.

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New Year’s holidays 11: 30 am – 9: 00 pm

Closed : Tuesday and 
New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day


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